DP Gachagua delivers forceful speech at Mukami Kimathi’s funeral.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua delivered a forceful speech at Field Marshal Mukami Kimathi’s funeral in Nyandarua County on Saturday. In his typical style, he spoke candidly and fearlessly.

In his address, DP Gachagua made a startling revelation that the British government had given Kenya Ksh. 5.1 billion to purchase land for freedom fighters and their families. However, he alleged that the funds and land had been stolen by a handful of powerful individuals, leaving the Mau Mau fighters in dire poverty.

“The British goverment gave 30 million pounds for land to be bought to settle the Mau Mau and their descendants, but the black colonialists who came after the white colonialists left diverted that money, that land was taken by a few and given to home guards and collaborators,” the DP said.


“Tungetaka kushukuru baba ya former Prime Minister, marehemu Jaramogi, kwa sababu he spoke about grabbing land ya Mau Mau, na akaumizwa juu ya kuongea juu ya mashamba ya Mau Mau. Tungetaka kukuomba Waziri Mkuu wa zamani, ukitetea Wakenya kwa mambo zingine zote vile unaendelea, tunataka kusikia pia utetee hao watu warudishiwe mashamba yao, na hao walichukuwa mnawajua.”

The DP also pledged that the Kenya Kwanza administration would heed the calls from various quarters to find land for the descendants of the Mau Mau fighters, ensuring they have decent living conditions.

He, however, was clear that the individuals who had grabbed land intended for the freedom fighters must return it before the government can proceed with any resettlement efforts.

“Wale wanasema ati serikali inunue mashamba, ni sawa. Lakini mashamba ya Mau Mau iko, na inajulikana pahali iko; si wale wako nayo warudishe ata kama ni nusu? It will be enough for the Mau Mau,” he said.

“We feel cheated and misused, because our parents were buried having gotten nothing, yet the collaborators and the home guards continue to enjoy everything the Mau Mau fought for. And they despise and look down upon us, yet the vast land they occupy belong to the Mau Mau and their descendants.”

Gachagua also criticized Raila Odinga’s anti-government protests, urging him to give President Ruto’s administration time to address the country’s challenges.

He called on the former premier to accept the outcome of the 2022 General Election and acknowledge that President Ruto won the State House race.

DP Gachagua also defended the appointment of leaders from Central Kenya region to government, arguing that they played a crucial role in President Ruto’s election and are deserving of positions if they are competent.

“Ukweli ni kwamba, bei ya unga iko juu. Ukweli pia ni kwamba when the handshake government was there, unga ilikuwa Ksh. 230, imeteremka ni Ksh. 170, hamkufanya maandamano,” he told the opposition.

“Ukweli ni kwamba tumekuta uchumi umeharibika, pesa yote ya serikali iliibiwa ikapelekwa kwa project ya BBI. The truth of the matter ni kwamba iliibiwa ikapelekwa kwa project Azimio. Ukweli ni kwamba pia, people must not live in denial, the truth of the matter is that William Ruto, is the President of Kenya, and his deputy is the Son of Mau Mau, Riggy G. And once we accept the truth, it sets us free.”