“You are impeding the progress of bi-partisan talks,” Raila Odinga tells Kenya Kwanza

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition party leader Raila Odinga has issued a warning to the Kenya Kwanza government, accusing its members of attempting to sabotage the ongoing bi-partisan talks.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Odinga claimed that the President William Ruto-led party was inciting the opposition to disrupt the ongoing dialogue by undermining parties affiliated with Azimio, especially the Jubilee Party.

Raila emphasized that the decision by Azimio to participate in talks with the government was not motivated by fear, but by a genuine desire to promote stability in the country.


“Kenya Kwanza must take a final notice from us that they risk scuttling a very serious national agenda through shortsighted intransigence, dishonesty and a game of musical chairs.

“We remind Kenya Kwanza a final time that we did not agree to engage in talks because we are weak. We remain committed to the spirit of peace and stability that necessitated the talks. However, we will never negotiate out of fear,” Raila stated.

Odinga criticized the Jubilee Party members, led by EALA MP Kanini Kega, who are now associated with Kenya Kwanza, for their recent request to be included in the bi-partisan talks.

According to Odinga, this is a dishonest move aimed at sabotaging the talks. He further accused these Jubilee members of being moles for Kenya Kwanza, sent to disrupt the negotiations. He warned that such actions could have serious consequences for the government.

“The attack on Azimio is, therefore, a state-sponsored assault on multipartysm and a continuing indication that Kenya Kwanza remains dishonest and contemptuous of the process of dialogue where respect for the autonomy of political parties is one of our agenda,” he said.

“The latest show of this contempt is the letter by UDA-backing Jubilee members demanding the inclusion of Jubilee as a party in the talks, failure to which they will seek redress in court.

“Kenya Kwanza is clearly working through its hired backers to scuttle the talks or cripple them through endless litigation. These games could prove extremely costly.”

EALA MP Kanini Kega wrote a letter on Wednesday protesting the absense of Jubilee Party representation in the proposed membership of the bi-partisan select committee.