Postmortem can determine whether Shakahola victims have missing organs-CS Kindiki.

CS Kindiki has announced that the postmortem examination of the 109 bodies unearthed in Shakahola forest will aim to determine if their body organs were harvested.

Kindiki added that the week-long examination, led by Pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor, will also investigate the circumstances sorrounding the victims’ deaths, as well as the theory of organ harvesting, which has been association with the Kilifi cult.

The cult is allegedly headed by pastor Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, who founded the Good News International Church.

“If any of our people have their organs missing we will tell the world, there is nothing we are hiding and we will have to find out why those organs are missing, who took them and to where,” said Kindiki. “This is a long process of accountability.”

The CS also added that Malindi Sub-County mortuary will host the postmortem examination.

He also emphasized the goverment’s determination to hold accountable any individual found responsible for the deaths.

“The government will do everything possible to find out who why and how a large number of our people met their deaths in such an inhumane manner and anyone found in the path of accountability will have a date with destiny,” he said.

In addition, Kindiki mentioned that President William Ruto will establisha Judicial Commission of Inquiry, which will make recommendations on the necessary measures to be taken against those found responsible.

“We are moving forward methodically and carefully to make sure that we get to the bottom of this matter,” he said.

CS Kindiki also confirmed that the government will implement measures to prevent similar crimes from occurring following the conclusions of the investigation into the Shakahola massacre.

“The kind of measures we are going to put will ensure that never again will we have this kind of crimes on the soil of our country.”